e-co-foot – Ecological Footprint Training

This is an international sustainability education project with partners from Austria, Hungary, Romania and Greece. Main results are: learning materials, teaching materials and an Ecological Footprint Calculation Software especially for kids. Project duration: three years (Sept. 2017 – Aug. 2020)

Humanity’s consumption of Earth’s natural resources exceeds its biocapacity. This imbalance can be quantified through the world ecological footprint as an extrapolation of all humans’ individual footprints. As many individuals don’t know about their footprints, we want to spread this societally essential knowledge together with practical information. E-co-logical Footprint Training. Smalls steps – big changes.

Project description

We target young learners between 10 and 18 and provide them with knowledge about the Ecological Footprint regarding the questions: What is included in such a Footprint considering production, use and disposal of goods and services, e.g. in the areas of nutrition, mobility and energy consumption? What are its socio-economic aspects? Which possibilites exist to minimize Footprints – in order to sustain natural resources on our planet?
We aim to develop a high quality blended educational package that addresses the needs at different learning stages, get schools and class teachers in the partner countries interested in using the educational material and in a next step raise interest for participation also in further countries.

The intellectual outputs will be:

E-co-foot lays the ground for a pan-European solution on how to raise schoolkids’ awareness on sustainability which cannot only be adopted beyond the partner countries but also beyond Europe because of the self-scaling character, its “translatability” and transferability of the e-learning-tool and the survey-software. The cross-border cooperation initiates the transversal take-up of innovative practices in education, the ICT is a strategy against socio-economic digital divide.

You want to contribute to spreading the knowledge about Ecological Footprint?

We will provide the material in the languages of the partners (German, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian) and in English and want to reach out beyond these countries to other EU-countries – your contribution for translation and spreading this knowledge is welcome!

This educational long-term effect benefits the ecosystem itself.

We share – knowledge and responsibility and

we care – for us, others and our planet. Together!